DC Team Congratulates SSLC Students for their Performance

Dear all,
We are very happy to share that, once again our DC students have outperformed in their SSLC examinations and the top two students results are here!! Glad to see 100/100 in many students.

Ashwini K Rao: A DC student from Bengaluru who has been guided and mentored by the DC Association founder, Mr.Dhananjaya Padmanabhachar secured 96% in SSLC examinations with 100/100 in 4 subjects!! Her elder sister is also a DC student who is supported by DC Association by providing scholarships to her every year. Her father works as goods auto driver.


Student Subject Score
Ashwini K Rao - Discussion Class Association Student Kannada 100/100
Hindi 100/100
Maths 100/100
S Science 100/100

Meghana R: A DC student from Bengaluru who has been guideded and mentored by Ms.Kousalya, our DC student and first president of DC Association secured 94% in SSLC examinations. Her father feeds family by reselling shampoos to small shops.

Student Subject Score
Meghana R - Discussion Class Association Student Kannada 98/100
Hindi 98/100
Maths 97/100
S Science 98/100

Bhatkal DC Center

Happy to share that our Bhatkal DC Center has done good job in enabling students to succeed in #SSLC exams. Many students performance has increased, their stage fear has gone since the students learn in DC through discussions.

Discussion Class Center Bhatkal SSLC Students

Name SSLC % 9th Std %
Sneha 82% 80%
Pratham 82% 75%
Kiran 66% 60%
Suraj 60% 38%
William 72% 76%
Vishwas 60% 35%
Shreya 66% 57%

Congratulations to all our DC students from Bhatkal and you will be amazed to hear that our Bhatkal DC center is run by our DC student Bhargavi eho is studying in BSc in Bhatkal.

DC Center in Narendra Nele, Bengaluru

Very happy to share that our DC Students from Narendra Nele, a home for destitute kids have performed excellent in #SSLC exams. DC has been engaged with Narendra Nele from past few years to enable their skills, help them during examination times through DC Samvada programs and workshops.
Discussion Class Association at Nele Narendra - SSLC Results
Congratulations to all our Nele students and thanks to our DC volunteers headed by Chaitra and team who worked restlessly to provide them training.

Narendra Nele SSLC Results 2019

Special thanks to our Maths Prof RK sir and his wife Mrs Pooja madam for joining hand with us in our mission.

Needless to say, Sureshjee from Nele is the driving force behind all these to ensure there is Parivarthan in students in Nele.

After looking at the results, its very clear the talent does not only exists in rich man’s pocket and if given an opportunity with proper guidance and mentoring, support from family financial conditions of the family never become show stopper to brilliant students.

SSLC 2019 Result - Newspaper Clip 2

Once again Congratulations to all our DC students and especially Ashwini and Meghana for the superb results.

Thanks to all senior DC students, DC supporters and DC managing committee who are behind all these students who are spending their time out of their pocket to serve the society.

Thanks & Best Regards

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