DC Steel Plate Bank

In today’s world, we have seen the people’s attitude towards single use and throw plastic and paper has increased very drastically and this has become one of the root cause for increased waste generation. Many times, these wastes are non-biodegradable and gets into soil and water bodies there by spoiling the environment eco-system. We have seen plastic and paper plates are getting eaten by the cows and animals on the streets.

In Bengaluru, number of apartments are increasing day by day and also solid waste generation proportionately. Discussion Class Association has come up with a unique solution to reduce solid wastes in apartment communities. On September 2nd, 2019 we started an Andholan called, “DC Steel Plate Bank” by which we encourage apartment communities to use Steel Plates for the programs they conduct within apartment complexes. We partner with respective communities of the apartment and motivate few volunteers on benefits of using steel plates and encouraging them to use plates instead of plastic/paper plates/glasses.

DC Steel Plate Bank

To begin with we started a Steel plate bank in Bengaluru in JP Nagar in association with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Katte Balaga (An initiative by VS Cozy, Sapthagiri Nivas and SV Pristina apartment residents) where the residents of all three apartments have come together to start the Steel Plate Bank. The apartment residents can take the steel plates, glasses and spoons for FREE for their programs at their apartment/home and to be returned after the program. Recently during Gowri Ganesha festival celebrations, both VS Cozy and Sapthagiri apartment residents leveraged the DC Steel Plate Bank and reduced 200 single use plates and 200 glasses getting into dust bin.

DC Steel Plate Bank 

We are in discussion with other apartment communities within Bengaluru and other cities where we have our DC centers and DC students to start this service in their localities and will be giving all the required support to start this Andholan for their communities. If you are interested to join hand with us please feel free to contact Discussion Class Association office.

Let’s all of us join hand to fight against single use plastic and paper and reduce waste generations at source and contribute for environment.


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