Remembering GK Sir on his Birth Anniversary

Dear All,

On behalf of Discussion Class Association, we would like to wish our Discussion Class Founder, Late Sri Gopalakrishna Murthy Sir, a very happy birthday. Though he is not physically present with us, his values and his vision stays with us for long time.

GK Sir

GK Sir started Discussion Class in 1974 and created more than 8000 DC students who learn discussion mode of education and spread across all over the world.

We the students of Discussion Class started a non-profit organization, called Discussion Class Association to serve the society in the field of education, environment and healthcare services.

We are very proud to say, we established Discussion Class centers in 7 places in Karnataka and our DC students are running the same.

On this special day, we remember our great teacher, mentor GK Sir and wish many more GK sir to be born and enable students.

Dhananjaya Padmanabhachar

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